Who We Serve

Fast, efficient payments for banks, fintechs & businesses

We help businesses like yours overcome payments challenges

Whether you’re a fintech, challenger bank, other payment service provider or a digital business—you need to give your customers the fastest, most reliable payment service possible, easily and simply.

Payments Hub enables you to process real-time payments across multiple payment schemes using one simple API connection that is fully compliant across all geographies by:

  • Taking care of multi-jurisdiction regulatory and payment scheme rules
  • Allowing immediate, rather than batched, processing - 24x7x365
  • Simplifying technical integrations and automating business processes

Businesses that can benefit from the Power of One

Acquirers, Payments Gateways and PISPs

Use instant payments to offer merchants immediate settlement, automated, instant refund services for open banking payments and to prepare for new service opportunities such as Request to Pay

Indirect scheme participants

Financial institutions currently using agency or sponsor banks can simplify their scheme access arrangements, benefit from true real-time access, higher availability and lower support costs

Payment & banking platforms

Achieve “near direct participant” performance across all leading payment schemes via a single API. Offer your customers the domestic and cross border real time payment services they need with full tracking and accountability

Digital banks

Provide customers with regulated e-money payment accounts, instant account top ups and a full range of payment services without the overhead of becoming a regulated credit institution

Digital businesses

Any digital enterprise processing real time or batch payments can benefit – especially if you have complex payment flows, or high payment volumes, or your ability to delight your customers depends on immediate receipt of funds.

Marketplace platforms

Simple and secure payments are a core part of your proposition to your users. Real-time instant payments ensure sellers get paid immediately and API based integration makes it easy for your systems to manage complex payment flows and commissions.