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1. Responsible Company

Through this policy, PagoNxt Trade Technologies S.L. company registred at the Banco de Espaa, under registry number B87959326, and registered office at Avenida de Cantabria s/n, Ciudad Grupo Santander, 28660  Boadilla del Monte and VAT number A81564361 owner of this web or app (hereinafter, the Publisher), informs webpage visitors or Users of the app in its case (hereinafter, the Web or the App and the Users or the User respectively) of its Cookie Policy, for them to be aware of the cookies that will be used during the Web browsins and App usage, and for them to consent on said cookies.

2. What are Cookies?

Cookies may be defined as any kind of storage and retrieval of information device that is used in the terminal equipment of an User (computer/smartphone/tablet) that browses the internet with the purpose of storing and retrieving information already stored.

Cookies may be installed, either directly by the web pages visited by the user or by third-parties that have a relationship with the web page, and allow to know the activity in its site or third-parties sites if they are related, for example: the place from where the page is accessed, connection time, device used, operative system and browser used, most viewed pages, number of clics done and information regarding the behaviour of the User in internet.

For more information on how web pages and apps use cookies, click on

3. Personal Data Protection

Under determined circumstances, the usage of data storage and retrieval devices in the Users terminal equipment, as cookies, may imply a personal data processing activity. Said processing activities is legitimate if the User of either the Web or the App have accepted it after being provided with complete and understandable information on its usage, specially, on the goals of the processing activities, regarding personal data protection.

To this extent, this Cookie Policy (hereinafter, Cookie Policy) will be supplemented with the Privacy Policy of this Web or the App.

4. Types of Cookies used

This Web uses the following types of cookies:

4.1. Technical and strictly necessary cookies

These are cookies inserted by the Publisher or by a third-party on behalf of the Publisher that necessary for the proper functioning of the Website or to provide a service requested by the User respectively. In this sense are considered as necessary those Cookies of personalization or preferences tha tallow to remember information for the User to access the service with certain
characteristics that can differentiate their experience from that of other Users, such as for example would be the language or the number of results to display in a search.

Among the technical Cookies are included, for example, User interface customization Cookies, Cookies used by the Publisher to control traffic and data communication, identify the session, Cookies for sharing content on social networks, etc.

As established by article 22.2 of the LSSI, consent is not required for its use. The following table details information on this type of Cookies:







Stores information about the categories of Cookies used by the Web and whether visitors have given or withdrawn their consent.

365 days



Prevents consent banner from being repeatedly displayed to users who have responded to consent question.

365 days

4.2. Analysis and Performance Cookies

These Cookies can be own or third-party and allow the Publisher to monitor and analyze the behavior of Users when they browse the Web or use its services. Thanks to them, the Publisher can know which pages are the most or least visited, how visitors browse the site and analyze navigation, allowing it to make improvements based on the analysis of this usage information. The information handled does not allow the user to be uniquely identified.

The following table details information on this type of Cookies:

Google_gidAnalytics and performance. Stores and updates a Google unique value for each page visited.1 day
Google_gat_UA-Analytics and performance. Limits the quantity of data registered by the web sites with a high traffic.0 days
Google_gaAnalytics and performance. Distinguishes unique Users by the assignation of a random number as customer identification. It is included in every page request for a site and is used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for site analytics reports.730 days

For more information on the functioning and disabling of cookies you can visit Googles privacy center web page at: and Googles disabling addon at: Additionally you can revoke the consent for said Cookies as explained on the following section 6.

5. What's the legal basis for the usage of Cookies?

Except for the technical and strictly necessary Cookies that do not require Users informed consent for their use, the Publisher will only place Cookies on the Users computer with the Users prior informed consent. In this regard, consent may be given either by clicking on the Accept All Cookies button or by configuring those for which the User freely chooses to give consent through the Cookie Settings panel made available by the Publisher the first time the User accesses the Web or the App.

6. Can you revoke your consent?

Once the Cookies are installed, the User may in any moment opt to revoke its consent and eliminate them. To that extend the User could either:

7. International Transfers

We inform you that our third-party Cookie providers may process your data outside the European Union. You can find out about transfers to third countries that, where appropriate, made by third parties identified in this Cookie Policy in their corresponding policies (see the links provided in the section on each type of Cookie). The different mechanism of regularization of the international transfer, if any, will be informed by such third parties.

8. User's rights and additional information

You can obtain more information on the processing of your data by the Publisher, as well as how to exercise your rights, in our Privacy Policy.

9. Cookie Policy updates and contact

This Cookie Policy may vary depending on the Cookies used. If new types of Cookies are added for which an informed consent is required, the Publisher will inform the User and gather the due consent.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Publisher recommends that you review this policy each time you access our Web in order to be properly informed about how and for what purpose we use Cookies and to be aware of any changes in the type of data that is collected.

If the User has any questions about the Portals Cookie policy, he/she can contact the Publisher at the following address indicating in the subject Cookies Policy.